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At the intersection of beauty and purpose, we create pottery & furniture crafted with love to elevate your spaces.


The latest in furniture, pottery, wall art, lightning & more ...

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Our Design

Informed by tradition, our studio explores innovative and contemporary methods of creating pottery and furniture. Each piece is unique whether it’s the asymmetry of our hand thrown pottery or the variety of character markings on the wood for our furniture- unapologetically expressing their story. Our sincere intention is to combine the use of human skill developed over many generations along with a present-day mindset.


Our effort throughout this 32-year journey has been to explore the malleable quality of our mediums to create new ranges of work experimenting with form, tone and texture.

Our Works

The effort has been to explore the contrasting nature of the mixed mediums - wood, clay, metal and glass to design our unique handcrafted furniture and pottery. Our aim is to create works that are meaningful, interesting practical and accessible. We draw inspiration from the colours, textures and forms found in nature. All works are hand built - All works are individual .


Revival of Traditional Art

Evidence of pottery, has it’s bearings in the early settlements of Mehrgarh from Indus Valley Civilizations. Large Urns were made to store Grains.


People are increasingly forgetting the TRADITIONAL CRAFTS and are moving towards new innovations. For POETTERY preserving and protecting the majestic elegance of these forms (up to 7 ft height) and converting them into rare art works is a growing challenge. It is time that this art form is revived and its awareness is spread in today’s urban space. This is possible by blending the Avant-Garde and traditional designs.


The moulding of the above texture is inspired by BEATEN COPPER utensils used by our ancestors


INSPIRED BY NATURE - given the unpredictable response of the process each piece is unique and unlike any other

Our New Collection

A sneek peek into our forthcoming designs :


Pearl White Collection


Charcoal Black Collection

Emerald Green Collection

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