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Our journey with this design studio began when we experienced the healing quality of clay. 32 years ago we met with an accident and the doctor suggested that clay would be a therapeutic relief for our strained muscles. 

Once clay slipped through our hands, there was no looking back, we intuitively knew that clay was the perfect medium for our creative expression. 

Our journey of 32 years…

From making 5” pots to 6’ urns, a long journey of dedication. 

From sketching on a canvas to etching and sculpting our art to life on large clay murals, a journey of passion. 

From making studio pottery to fusing our art with metal and wood to create purposeful furniture, a 32-year journey of experimentation.

From 5" Pots to 6' Urns

Meet the People who make it happen


Anubir Singh

Sarbjeet Singh



Tasha Singh

Trisha Singh

Rafiki Singh

Anubir Singh

M. Des IIT, Powai Mumbai

Meet our Head creative director, Head of our Poettery family. Versatile and a humanitarian at heart , He makes sure every member of our team is moving forward together…ensuring success takes care of itself !

Bhavana Singh

M. Des IIT, Powai Mumbai

Bhavana is our creative Director, potter, painter and a Yoga teacher. She has a knack of breathing energy into spaces that not only uplift its aesthetic value, but also creates a positive vibe to the environment !

Sarbjeet Singh

B. Tech Chem Bangalore

Head of finance and leads our sales team ! Sarbjeet is our teams fuel tank!. His hard work and expeartise in managing various aspects of the studios functioning empowers our team at the core.

Dr. Trisha Singh

Research Scholar at Mayo Clinic US

Meet the backbone of our team! A medical doctor and our inhouse Photographer. She makes sure we remain in great health. Her great attitude makes hard work feel like fun, and working as a team a way of life!

Tasha Singh

Drexel University Philadelphia - MS in Interior Architecture & Design

Meet our young designer from Drexel. Tasha is an inferno of creative brilliance, talent, dedication and a source of inspiration to our team. Her fresh, out of the box design sensibilities creates new perspective and possibilities for the company !

Rafiki Singh

Head of Security

Meet our official GUARD! The teams heart throb. He keeps our spirits high and our state of mind happy.

Our Artists

Bhavana and Anubir are both highly skilled and qualified designers with their Masters Degrees in Industrial Design from IDC IIT, Powai in India. They have been hands on practitioners in the field of fine arts and design since 1990, consistently innovating and creating with a sense of wonder. Their efforts and impassioned practice has won them numerous awards…

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A Glimpse Inside ...

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